Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Wrap up

This weekend was pretty eventful. I took Friday off and spent the day shopping with my mom. We got some very sad news about her younger sister's health the night before so we both needed a day away from everything! My mom will be headed to Georgia to spend several weeks with her sister so I wanted to really enjoy some time with her. I would like to go with her but there is no way I could take time off from work now. It stinks! On to better things; We looked for mother of the bride dresses, shopped at Ikea and XSRE. I really enjoy spending time with her. The two of us get along so well. It makes me happy that we can spend such quality time together. Here are some of the goodies I purchased:
Skirt- H&M
Clock- IKEA
Glasses, cameo and scarf- XSRE

Saturday Brian and I both worked. After work I did some gardening and planted some fantastic marigolds. After working and gardening Brian treated me to dinner out at a new Thai place in town. The food was fantastic. The services, hmmm, the hostess was at first pretty rude. Not the way I wanted to start a meal. She looked surprised we didn't have reservations (no where on line said reservation was a necessity or even recommended).  She made it seemed like she was doing us a huge favor by seating us. We sat close to the entry and she was like that to almost everyone saying there was a huge rush coming in. Funny thing is there was no rush and only 4 reservations arrived. Why don't they just say reservation ONLY, just saying! Onto the meal...INCREDIBLE!!!! In a county full of pizza and chinese food it was a pleasant change. I had a SPICY green curry. Brian had a pad ginger and we shared sticky rice and mango. I was so busy stuffing my face I didn't have time to take any pictures before the food was inhaled. It was so nice to dress up and go out on a real date! After dinner we attempted a walk but only got about 50 ft before meeting our neighbors and chatting for 3 hours. Such a great time.

Sunday was such a great Father's Day. We had both our families over. We made a Mexican feast, enchiladas, corn salad, rice and black beans, guacamole, and salsa. Brian and his dad do not know how to relax so they spent 3 hours putting our new grill together!

Such a successful weekend! Hope that you all had a great time too.

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