Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weight loss struggles and success

My entire adult like I have been large, busty, curvy, FAT! I can't ever remember being under in a single digit size. My weight have fluctuated like a roller coaster for years. About 5 years ago I had a terrible break up with a guy I had been dating (unhealthy) for years. Actually, it wasn't a break up as much as I caught him making out with another girl at a bar. Shortly after that he was dating her and madly in love. A knife through the heart! After all of this I ate to comfort myself and built a wall and gained weight to close myself off to heartbreak ever again. At the time it hurt so much. I refused to ever get hurt like that again. I started gaining weight and ballooned up to over 210 pounds. I was disgusting.

I began Weight Watchers in September of 2008. I began eating healthy, drinking tons of water, counting calories, kick boxing and counting everything I ate. It was a struggle. Still is a daily struggle. Almost 2 years later I dropped 60 pounds which I am super proud of but since I have gained 10 pounds. With the upcoming nuptials I really need to get back on the wagon. Here a few pictures (some very embarrassing) outlining my weight loss struggles and success.

Dad's 60th, size 16

Friend's wedding May 2008, barely fitting into a size 18. Had to have it taken out twice. 
So embarrassing. I cried the entire wedding. Hating how fat I was. 

Have another cupcake fatty! 
Summer 2008:(

Then I did this which made things a lot worse. 

This is 2 weeks into Weight Watchers, 10 pounds down.
About 20 pounds down

35 pounds down

First time I looked at a picture and didn't HATE what I looked like. 

60 pounds down Fall 2009

Summer 2010


Not really happy with what I look like these days. I would feel much better about myself if I could drop another 15-30 pounds. I have to get back into the right mindset too. I think thats the hardest part getting my mind in the right place and getting early enough to get my chubby ass to the gym before work!

So what about you guys. Any good weight loss hints for me?


jacin {lovely little details} said...

girl you are gorgeous!!! seriously!!!! but i know what you mean, if you're not comfortable with yourself, it is hard, but you can do it!!! just keep things in perspective and dont beat yourself up too much!! you know how it is - the first few days are the hardest when you have to get back on the wagon, then it gets easier from there - i lost 26 lbs for my wedding and it was hard, so to be able to say you lost 60?? you're an inspiration!

kristina said...

Thank you so much for the kind words, Jacin. I really appreciate it. Plus I'm honored your visiting my little ol' blog! Thanks again :)

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

you are SO pretty! i'm right there with ya though. i have yo-yoed on my weight (i went from a size 12 to a 2 in 6 months by working out and eating right, but then 2 years later i started gaining weight and now am a size 14 :( ) and it's not easy to look at yourself when you feel gross. you look amazing though no matter what! you can meet your goal if you set your mind to it!

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