Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was a success!

The Wedding Trail was so fun. All the vendors were lined down Main St. in Warwick. Met up with my mom, best friend, her sis and her mom. We met with the vendors and the more you meet the more prizes you could win. Unlike other Bridal Shows I've been to this one had a lovely reception in the park. I was the lucky WINNER of an Engagement photo shoot with this amazing photographer  and a one night stay in this Bed and Breakfast. We finished off Saturday with some wine at a friend's condo. My poor daddy ended up in the ER with a recurrence of kidney stones. My mom and him were stuck in the hospital for over 12 hours. He is feeling much better now. Those painkillers are working like a charm.
Here are a few from the Bridal Trail. I apologize but I was so busy and my hands were so fun I couldn't think of grabbing the camera.

 Centerpieces at the reception table. 
Jaclyn stuffed in the back of the car. She couldn't fit with all the goodies. 

Unloading once I got home. Included in the goodie bags were lotions, jewelry cleaner, tip binder, planning book and much more. 

Oh did I mention I caught the bouquet! Isn't it pretty. (This is the day after so it didn't hold up well. They are stephanotis)

Chore day. We cleaned everything including our laundry room. Went to visit Daddy. Home and drugged up! Got treated out to dinner by Brian's grandparents. Went to the lovely Landmark Inn in the town of Warwick. I may still be in a food coma. I ate a spinach and brie salad then I had a sea bass with caper, and olives. To top it all off Brian and I shared flour less chocolate with raspberry sauce. I finished off the weekend watching Real Housewives of Orange County. Seriously, Wtf is up with these women? Its such a guilty pleasure but this episode was outta control! For beautiful, surgically enhanced women they certainly act like backwoods trash.
We indulged in a few bottles of wine  and beer at Jaclyn's condo so we were hurting the next morning. This is what I found on the couch when I work up.

Best part of this weekend, I'm off today. Gonna paint my bathroom. Oh the fun!

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