Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10 Day You Challenge

Day 3, ok today I promise there will be no ass typos...Hope you all got a good chuckle out of that one :)
This one lacks some pictures. I've been super busy with a work project and been feeling under the weather. I can't seem to sleep enough. Add all this together and I haven't had time or the desire to blog the passed few days.

(1) AIRPLANES- Ugh, the world gets me sick. I give myself panic attacks before flying. Our last flight was during a terrible storm and it only made my fear worse. Power went out on the plane, the plane rocked back and forth for about an hour. We circled Newark because there was no where for us to land. Its so bad I don't think we are flying anywhere on our honeymoon. I can't take the added stress


(3) The NYS Budget Crisis, especially working at a NY non profit, yikes

(4) Being a good enough mom when we have children.

(5) The Wedding! No matter how wonderful its going to be it still freaks me out.

(6) Gaining all the weight back :(

(7) That my brother and I will never make up and talk again.

(8)  Bridges, I hate driving over water. Especially when they are really high.

How about you guys???

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