Monday, July 25, 2011

Exciting purchases

I'm super excited!!!!

I have found my bridal shower dress and I am in LOVE! This picture doesn't do much justice but silhouette and ribbon empire really is beautiful and looks great on my body type. Plus I'm a sucker for lace.  My favorite part is I picked it up for $50!

Evan Picone

I also stubbled upon the Jessica Simpson Dress collection in Nordstoms and holy crapper I LOVE them. They are super feminine and figure flattering. I may have to go back for a rehearsal dinner dress. This is by far my favorite. Imagine how cute it would be with a pair of nude pumps!

Another exciting purchase were wedding shoes. I want to make sure I added some color to my wedding and shoes were a place I knew I could do it. I have been trying to find shoes with a small heel. I love my fiancĂ© but he is only 1 inch taller then me and I always feel like a fat amazon woman when I wear heels. (Do they maker heighters for men's shoes???)  There is color and the heel is modest enough for me to walk and feel comfy. I think I may have found the perfect ones. I really like them however not sure is I am loving them but its ok they were only $14!

Sadly, momma didn't find a dress today but I am confident we will get it some time soon! 


The Vintage Modern Bride said...

i NEED that jessica simpson dress. i love all your purchases though! they're gonna look AMAZING on you!

Kristina said...

THANKS, I think I may have to get it too. It looks even nicer in person!!! The coral is so beautiful.

The Peanut Gallery said...

i LOVE that Jess Simpson dress like kinda to the point where i need it

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