Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Happiness Project, Week 2


Last Thursday I began my journey with the happiness project. I linked up with Scenic Glory and chose to DESTRESS for week one of the project. I wish I could say I did a good job but I didn'tdo that well.  It was a stressful week. It was a stress roller coaster. I tried my very best but did find myself again, consumed by it on some days. I did, however, take several steps to try and relieve the stress I was feeling.

I think the most important thing I did this week was recognize the stressful situations. I was proud of myself because at least I was able to identify and attempt to remove myself from the issue to take some measures to reduce the amount of anguish I would feel because of it.

The beginining of the project seemed to be the easiest. I thought up a few lists of things I loved and enjoyed doing, then a list of the negative things I do when I'm stressed. This was a helpful way I was able to identify my problems and how to fix them.

Identifying what are my major stress factors
-Fiance, don't get me wrong I love him to death but he can be a huge stressor
-Family, especially with my mom out of town I have had to spend extra time with my father. Plus my brother and I are still not on speaking terms.
-Money limitations due to saving for the wedding

The negative ways I react to the above:
-I eat to comfort myself, not usually with healthy food either
-Shut myself down
-Pick fights and argue
-Get down on myself/Beat myself up

The things I enjoy and can use to help relax me:
-Do my nails
-Run, walk, exercise,sports
-Get my hair done
-Play with Bogart
-Planning the wedding, such a double edge sword!!!

I think I did pretty during the first couple of days. I made it a point to get out and work out each night. We played with the dog, went for walks, played basketball and baseball. I also ate healthy all week. By Saturday all of the positive things got flushed right down the sh*tter. I got into a HUGE arguement and it was very unhealthy. I could feel myself flying off the handle. My heart began racing. I cried, ALOT! Clearly you can see all the issues discussed above were coming through. I finally seperated myself from the situation. I went shopping. I purchased a few items for myself, all on sale so that made me feel pretty good! I didn't have shopper remorse because sometimes that is so much worse. I also picked up some new nail polish to give myself a mani, pedi. I did find myself sitting in a Panera all alone Saturday night crying in my soup bowl because I was all alone. There are few things sadder then eating all alone. By Sunday I tried to forget the issues of the night before although it was very hard. This wasn't something I could completely fix in just one week. This is my biggest issue so I must contine to master it. From Sunday on it was rather stress free week. By Wednesday evening I really felt HAPPY inside. Not everything is perfect and I don't think things are perfect for everyone all the time but something inside felt right. I hope it continues. Today I feel renewed!
In addition I have found myself carrying the past with me which is sometimes an antecedent to the stress I'm feeling. I have a hard time letting go and I do hold terrible grudges. For week two I have decided to start working on LETTING GO OF THE PAST!

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Chandra Nicole said...

Hi I'm a Chandra. I live in Lincoln, NE and am a friend of Lindsay's. I love this project she is doing, and I think your week one goal of destressing is awesome! Stress is so hard on our bodies and counterproductive to boot! Looking forward to seeing your journey as you move forward with this project. I'm still deciding what I want my goal for this week to be. Also, here is a great quote to help you with your goals... "YESTERDAY IS THE PAST. TOMORROW IS A MYSTERY. TODAY IS A GIFT. THAT'S WHY THEY CALL IT THE PRESENT. -Elanor Roosevelt

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