Friday, August 26, 2011

Eye of the Storm

Earthquake, Steve Jobs resigning and now Irene??? What is going on? Apocalypse? Yesterday I started prepping our house for the catastrophic storm. We are in the extreme area.

Yep we are right in the not so pretty purple :( 

We are right in the danger zone. Being in more Northern NJ and in the mountains we are hoping for little to no flooding. I brought all of our outside plants in and attempted to bungie all our furniture and grill to the deck.

I wanted to pick up a few things at Walmart. That was a disaster. Our local animal shelters are in desperate need of some supplies. I wanted to pick up some gallons, yeah right! ALL SOLD OUT. I got a few single bottles instead. Everything helps right? I also called and offered to foster a few dogs at the house this weekend. If not we will be spending the night with our best friends and our other friends have already been part of a mandatory evacuation so they are coming up from southern NJ.

While we were there we picked up some pretty awesome supplies.

Please notice the Cars flashlight (last one in the store) and Sponge Bob Mac and Cheese. Yep we are 5 years old :) Oh and don't be to worried I have 4 bottles of white wine and some vodka chilling in the fridge!

Trying to put a positive spin on something that can be so dangerous and scary. If you are in an evacuation zone please listen to the warnings. Don't forget your pets! Everyone please be safe!


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