Friday, August 12, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday!

Happy Friday! I took off yesterday so it kinda feels like a Monday to me...Weird right??? While I was off yesterday I got to see my wedding gown and my mom FINALLY found a dress too. She looked fantastic in it! My gown on the other hand??? I felt fat and feel like maybe I made a mistake? I really love the dress. Its beautiful but I'm feeling a bit like I could have made a mistake. I think I'm really having some body issues. Ugh, being a girl is really difficult sometimes:(

To change things up I'm going to link up with The Little Things We Do for the usual fill in the blank Friday. Go over to check out Lauren and more importantly wish her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

1.   My most favorite birthday was       My sweet sixteen was the best. my family had moved the year before and my friends all lived far away. My parents surprised me and drove them all up for the weekend. I had been really sad missing my friends so it was perfect.

2.  My worst birthday was    I don't think I can remember a really bad birthdays  .

3.  My favorite birthday memory is     Spending my 29th in Disney World. I wore a pin saying It's My BIrthday and I got free stuff, jumped to the front of the line, people sang happy birthday. I even got to dance on stage at Jelly Roll's piano bar. Perfect birthday.

4.  The best birthday present I've ever received was   I can't say ever got a bad birthday present. I love all birthday presents equally.

5.  The  best birthday present I've ever given was      I got my mom tickets to see Fleetwood Mac at Madison Square Garden but I also got her tickets to see James Blunt at Radio City. They were both pretty great! She loved them!

6.  Birthdays are       a perfect way to celebrate someone and be celebrated. It can't be a bad thing to be the center of attention for the day.     .

7.  My favorite age so far has been       29 We bought our house and life was hectic and crazy but so fantastic

There you go! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'm having all my bridesmaids over for a lunch this weekend. I'm really excited to see every one. 
What are you doing this weekend! 

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The Vintage Modern Bride said...

aww honey, i'm sorry you felt fat. :( i'm sure the dress is gorgeous. i hope you are able to work through your body issues (why didn't anyone ever tell us that being a girl is hard?!) and are able to feel FABULOUS in your dress (because i know you do!) :)

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