Sunday, August 21, 2011

Steppin Out {1}

This is my very first time linking up with Mandy for Steppin Out Saturdays

Yesterday was pretty basic. Started off with a 2 hour cardio workout, treadmill, stair climber and bike. I felt awesome. Dropped off my car at the shop and then $300 later I was pretty upset. Ever feel like you take one step forward then 3 steps back??? I took the rest of the day feeling down and out. Brian did a really good job of trying to cheer me up first the pool then off for for a dinner date. Yum, Pizza!

Tank: Beaded- Old Navy
Tank: Yellow- Target
Jeans- NY and Co
Sweater-(Hanging on the chair) Old Navy
Sandals- Payless, I think???
Watch- Macys Ann Klein

I'm still having a hard time with taking pictures of myself. I always feel so heavy and look so heavy in pictures. I hate self esteem issues. 


Jen said...

You'd never guess that you have self esteem issues from look totally confident (and great)! Really, it's inspirational and I hope to get to the point where I'd feel comfortable with full body shots on my blog. Thank you!!!!

ashley said...

Boo for crummy self esteem because you look beautiful. Love those jeans, you're rockin' them!

Stephanie Thigpen said...

i LOVE the yellow! love, love, love it!

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