Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Surprise Party

I'm headed off to a surprise party this weekend. Shhhhh! Scary thing is my ex will be there as will several of his friends. I haven't seen him or them in many years. I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable but the birthday boy is a close friend so I have to go. I can't lie it feels awkward! I really want to look good. Some of his female friends were always so cruel to me when we were dating as was he. That relationship took a huge toll of me and ruined me for many years. For 6 years I was never good enough, thin enough, strong enough or pretty enough. I'm sure I'll talk about that further when I'm ready. Its been 3+ years and it still has an effect on me and my self esteem. I think I have been feeling a lot of stress about it recently.

Anyway, enough Debbie Downer stuff. I think I'd like to wear something like this. I think it would make me feel pretty. Isn't it lovely?

Surprise Party

Oh and make sure you head over and wish my lovely friend Ali the NYC Recessionista a very happy birthday! (Not the surprise party birthday girl)

£12 -

Dorothy Perkins grey sandals
£17 -

Fiorelli cross body handbag
£18 -

Chameleon Jewelry leaf earrings
$30 -

Miss Selfridge enamel ring
£8.50 -

BLANKNYC Roll Up Cargo Capri in Olive
$49 -


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Lady!! Just remember, the reason that you didn't feel good enough... is because he WASN'T good enough! Have a blast, and try not to let him piss you off too much!! :) Victoria

jacin {lovely little details} said...

you're going to KILL it and look amazing! go in with your head up high and confidence booming - you'll be fine!

Molly said...

I love those earrings. You're beautiful!

Sarah said...

I think the outfit is really pretty and feminine. I hope everything goes ok. I had one of those relationships once also. Even though I love my husband and I'm happy now, I still get a little pang of hurt every now and then thinking about how that other guy hurt me. Guys like that aren't worth feeling bad about! Good luck!!!

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