Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wedding Cake Topper

I feel like I haven't posted about my wedding in quite a long time. I feel like I moved so fast and furious at the begining of our engagement to get things done and now I sort of calmed down. Last night Bri got his wedding band and we finished our wedding registry. It's difficult coming up with a registry when we already own a house filled with stuff. Our registries are pretty small. What I do need is some one to make our wedding cake and I'm in need of a wedding cake topper. Initially I was not even going to a wedding cake (We have a desert bar included for FREE)...Gasp if you must. My mother did as well and asked that I include a cake. Being the good daughter I am I did. So here are a few of my favorites.

Source: via MaJose on Pinterest

In yellow?

Source: via erin on Pinterest

So pretty! This would go with our antique feel!

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

I'd like to try and make something like this myself.

Love birds!

Source: via sherri on Pinterest

This is a bit to formal for me but I like the silhouette. To bad they are all SOLD OUT!!!

Source: via Layne on Pinterest

Hehe how cute, right? Its a salt and pepper shaker!
Funny thing is I have come across many salt and pepper shakers that were cuter AND less expensive. I've been on the hunt for some vintage ones.

Do any of you have suggestions? Maybe something a little different then the norm???


Kylene said...

Ok coming from a non-bride & purely a guest I've always liked the idea of a couples initials on top of the cake. Maybe in the style of the lettering of the love cake topper? Just as long as it's personal to the couple those are the ones that are the most beautiful to me as a guest or when I look at pictures of their cake.

ajg-jane said...

LOVE LOVE the toppers!

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