Friday, August 19, 2011

Meet my bridesmaids

Last Friday I mentioned I was having all my bridesmaids over for a get together lunch. It was a success but our outdoor party was swtiched indoors due to a monsoon outside. I figured I couldn't share any type of wedding details with out sharing my bestest girls with you all. 

Let me introduce you to my best girls:

This is Ms. L! She is probably the most amazing person I have ever met. We have been friends since high school but got closer when we worked for the same agency. She is a great friend and an amazing momma! These pictures were taken at her 30th Birthday Party at Lucky Strike! I had to include that ridiculous picture! Haha, it was an open bar! This girl and I get into trouble when drinking appletinis.

This is my super sexy friend Ms. J. I have always called her my little sis. I have known her since she was a kid bussing tables when I waitressed. We continued our friendship over the years.

These are my 2 cousins, Ms.A and Lil Ms. M. A is my maid of honor and M is my junior bridesmaid. We have an extremely close family yet none of us have sisters.  This is our annual Christmas picture. 

This is Brian's sister Momma M. They are an extremely close family. She is so funny. She cracks me up. She is also a super mom. 

This is my bestest friend Ms.J. We have been friends forever. People sometimes mistake us for sisters. Sadly, she is not going to be a bridesmaid because she just got engaged in February. Due to money issues we would have both had a really hard time saving for our wedding and being in another. We know deep in our hearts that we both would if we could.

Have a lovely one

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