Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Recap- Drive In

Another weekend come and gone.  That was a quick one. I was lucky enough to have Bri off for two days with me. We enjoyed a Saturday date night and enjoyed sushi plus a drive in double feature! Captain America wasn't my cup of tea but Bad Teacher good. It was good to get out and laugh.

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Oh my, so delicious. 

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It was super crowded

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We finished the weekend off with some pool time, played  basketball, and had some of these! Margaritas with blueberry, watermelon ice cubes. I love the flavor of watermelon but not the texture so I stick them in the blender and freeze them. So good in lemonade, iced tea and white wine. Plus it doesn't water anything down.
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You may prefer to not read below if you are an animal lover or if you just don't want a downer :(

Sadly Sunday night had a terrible moment. Apparently the skunk I had seen earlier in the week was rabid so local police had to come and kill it. It was awful. I had never heard gun shots before. It was terrible. Plus the police couldn't kill it. They had to shot 4 times. Then they told our neighbors "Its not dead but it should be soon" So the poor thing was suffering. I couldn't help but cry. 

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