Saturday, October 29, 2011


Yeah well it was pretty much a huge stinker.
(This is not the most cheery post. If your not in the mood for a rant I suggest you stop reading here. It pretty much goes down hill after this.)

Ideally it would have looked something like this...

- B arrives home from work with, I don't know??? A card, flowers? 
(Disclaimer, beer and wine were purchased)

- I would have worn my new, short, sexy, one shoulder dress I bought to show off my new kickboxing arms. Especially excited over this one because it was on sale for $10. Its the first off the shoulder dress I've ever purchased. Paired with some really cute grey tights and black over the knee boots.

- Maybe a nice dinner? Or the ability to go out for any dinner?

Did you picture it? I did! Looked nice and romantic, right???

Instead it that looked a little more like this:

Oh yeah its October 29th not January.
We got snowed in! 
So excited he slept through most of it.
Then played The Sims.
Pretty rad. 

Snow covered pumpkin. 

Super sexy?!?!
Socks, blanket, coffee and my Mac.
Can't you feel the romance in the air?
There may or may not have been a very large argument too.

On a positive note I am thankful for the white wine. I intend to drink the whole thing. Also the one head of iceberg lettuce, salsa and chicken patty. It was a good dinner. We still have power. Im over heating the house just in case we lose it. I'm sweating.

Merry Halloween!


The Vintage Modern Bride said...

aww i'm sorry you two had an argument because the snow sucked out all the fun. hopefully you two can go out as soon as the snow is gone :)

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Oh gosh, sorry your anniversary was a rough one. Hopefully you ca make it up once the weather changes a bit. I can't believe you got so much snow. I have never lived in snow, and I can't imagine what it would be like to have to actually have to drive and get places in it.

On an other note, your pictures are beautiful!


Kate said...

Yep, that storm was fun, huh? I'm so sorry that happened on your anniversary. That's a serious bummer :( We still don't have power, heat....nothing. I'm dreading going back to our icebox house.

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