Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's OK Thursday

Hello 2 extra days off! I want to completely relax and have a few days to myself.

Its Ok Thursdays

-To be disgusted and horrified about what is going on at Penn State. And the rioting last night. Those poor children. I ache for them :(

-To be ashamed of our culture and how so many people think football is bigger then the morals of society. Ray Lewis? Ben Roethlisberger? Michael Vick? As long as you play well we treat you like a god or some hero. Lets remember who our heroes really are.

-To have blisters on all of my toes because my shoes at the wedding last weekend were just to perfect to take off!

-To really want to waste some cash on any type of massage. I need some relaxation! I run at 100mph all the time.

-To have finished all of my Christmas cards already! Makes me feel so accomplished. I can enjoy the holidays so much more when there is a lot less to do!

-To be stressing out about Thanksgiving and some family issues.

-To not like the way some people cook or bake and be concerned that they may be making my favorite part of Thanksgiving.

-To really hope The Office gets better this season. Not so good and I'm a little disappointed.

-To be a little weirded out about this Duggar thing. Really, she's been pregnant for 13 years in a row. Can not be good for ones health or the health of her children.

-To get excited about Wednesdays. My favorite blog day AND American Horror Story.

So I'm going to get this day started. Maybe a hike in the woods? Some wedding stuff?

Have a fantastic day.


Holly said...

Oh I am sooo over this Penn State thing. I live a short drive away from PSU so it has completely taken over my area. It's so disturbing, they are all guilty. And another thing, Mrs. Duggar. I'm sorry but the lady is selfish. She cannot and does not care for allll those kids like a mother should. So irritating. Ok sorry for the rant!

Yay for getting your Christmas cards done! I think you have inspired me to get started on mine. So fun :)

Victoria said...

i cannot believe the Penn State situation either! those poor kids and families in deed!

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