Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stepping Out Saturday... Plain White T

Oh my goodness it has been a crazy weekend. Seriously a non stop adventure. I have so very much to tell you. I will update on all the good details soon.

Saturday was a great day. I competed in a 5K Turkey Trot early in the day,Post about that soon and my reward for a great race was a sushi dinner with B, my best friend and her husband.

I love a fresh new white T-shirt. Its a simple outfit but jeans and a tee are really my favorite kinda outfit. 

After the race today my knees and shins were pretty sore so I went with the most comfy flats I own. 

Wooo, look at the tree!
We decorated Black Friday and then I stuffed all the gifts  I purchased for donation under the tree. 

I love this F21 necklace but the edges are so sharp and the leave cut my neck when I wear it.
Sometimes beauty really is pain. 

Jeans: NY&co
Tank: Old Navy (Black Friday Sale $5)
White Tee: Old Navy (Black Friday Sale $5)
Shoes: NY&co
Necklace: Forever 21

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Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Your tree is beautiful.

Your outfit is great.


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