Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's OK Thursday

So I totally haven't linked up with Neely in a very long time. I feel like December I was on Christmas and holiday overload but I'm back and linking up with Its Ok Thursday. I think I may have a whole month's worth! Hope thats ok?!?

Its Ok Thursdays

Here goes:
It's OK:

-To be feeling depressed that Christmas is over.

-Because of the above, its ok to still have decorations up.

-To whine constantly because I really feel sick

-To ignore this stupid tooth ache.

-To stay in bed extra each morning and blame it on the cold and Tylenol PM

-To lay on my horn at all the jerk snowboarders who run across a main road when they don't have the right of way. There is a crosswalk and a light for that reason. Those little bastards are lucky I stop at all.

- To replace cold pills and tea with a glass of red wine. Well, the pills and tea haven't worked all weekend. I figure try something new?!?! Didn't work.

- To have used all of the Dunkin Donuts gift cards I got for Christmas although I really hate their coffee and service

-To have a very large to do list for the wedding and wishing time would slow down.

- To be so EXCITED that its already January and we haven't had snow yet this winter. HOORAY.

-To wish my boss would send me home early today because I feel so sick this morning.

Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Vicki said...

I hope we don't have any snow ... I hate snow! LOL!

Monica said...

Im pretty excited about no snow too! Ive been sick the ladt two days and i say its ok to whine

Angel said...

I wish my boss would send me home too, but unfortunately I am working for someone who called out sick so no chance of that :(. I am completely opposite you on the snow though I am super sad it's January with no snow.

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