Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding...The Reception

Jaclyn and Michael's reception was held at Orange County Park in their Stony Ford Golf Club. It was a crisp fall day. Thank goodness. One week prior to her wedding NY was under about 17 inches of snow, in October!

For the post on their ceremony post you can check here. 

Yummy red velvet cake.

Amazing view. We got their a little earlier then most guests so Brian and I enjoyed the fantastic view.
We even saw some hot air balloons land at a nearby airport. 

Happy Mr and Mrs D 

First dance- Led Zepplin "Thank You"

Dancing with her pops. I love how happy her husband and mom were looking on so lovingly 

Hey hottie. I got to sit at the same table as this cutie. Lucky me! 

Can you tell I had been dancing??? 

Danced all night. The dj did a great job. His theme was music through the years. It was awesome. 

People have always confused us for sisters. 

We call this a Sleder Sandwich. 

My guy is a handsome devil! 

Lots of dancing fun!!!

We had a great time. The food was good, drinks were great, dancing and music were fantastic. I was exhausted the next day. I had blisters on my feet for a week. I had to wear flip flops to work for days.  It makes me even more excited for our wedding. I can't wait to dance the entire day away!!!

Check here for details on what Brian and I wore. 


Julie said...

Looks like a great time! I love that park, I've been there many times as I only live like 15 minutes from there.

Ashley said...

mmm so pretty! found you via blue eyed owl!

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