Monday, January 9, 2012

Walk in the Woods

Like I've mentioned this winter has been a mild one, so far! 
I'm still hoping it continues to be a mild one. 
Weather like this makes it very easy for us to get out. 
A few weekends ago we took the pups and did some hiking. 
This was before this major cold/virus that has ruined my life for over a week. 
I may actually give in and go to the doctor because I can't seem to kick this. 

One of my most favorite places to be. 
Peaceful and beautiful! 

Hunting season, hence the bright colors. 

Brandy girl

Bogart loves the outdoors. 

Bogart, Brandy and Bailey

Bogart and Molly playing 

Happy Monday!

Oh and not to forget. 

Michelle at The Vintage Apple has reached 1,000 followers!!!! 
Michelle's blog is one of my bailey favorites! 
Go over to her blog and enter her 1,000 follower giveaway and congratulate her on her huge accomplishment. 

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