Thursday, February 9, 2012

It is OK and NOT OK

Its Ok Thursdays

Its Ok...

- To be so fed up with backstabbing. We are adults! Can't we act like adults.

- To skip the venue wedding tasting. I've tried the food. Its awesome so no need to spend extra cash on a tasting.

- To be completely addicted to My Fitness Pal. It is the best weight loss application ever. I love this thing. It has been a huge addition to my diet! I've been doing it for 10 days. Today is another weigh in. Wish me luck.

- To get so excited for the mail everyday. Some of our invites have went out so that means a bunch of RSVPs are coming back. This is crazy! My wedding is getting so close.

- To get home from work at 8:30 last night, go straight to bed and fall fast asleep till 8 this morning.

- To have started the Feb Photo a Day Challenge and failing miserably at keeping it up. Ugh.

Now for my own spin on its OK Thursday...


-Gisele, it's not OK to act classless. Even if your beautiful you still look like an idiot dropping the f-bomb about your husband's teammates. BAD MOVE!

-Its NOT OK to have a suspected murderer have supervised visits in his home! The Powell family tragedy saddens me because its a total failure of the system! I hope that man rots in hell.

-Its NOT OK to criticize the Clint Eastwood Chrystler add for being to political. Nothing was said last year when Eminem did the same type of commercial.

Happy Thursday Friends!
Have a lovely day.


Nichole said...

When we were getting married, receiving the rsvp's was one of my fave parts of the whole thing!

Monica said...

OOh how fun getting RSVP's must be like a present in the mailbox! I loved that Clint Eastwood commercial...people need to find something else to complain about

Anonymous said...


Love love love this post. I completely agree with the Clint Eastwood commercial. Really? Every message is political these days. Ugh.

Kristin said...

Yeah I also failed the photo challenge miserably. Gave up on day 4. Getting RSVPs is so exciting! Congrats! I haven't liked Gisele since Tom Brady left his pregnant gf to be with her. So, I totally agree with you!

Amy Powell said...

oh I love my fitness pal... i just need to use it more :)

and good job sleeping so much! it's wonderful when you can do that.

Laura said...

Thanks for the tip on my fitness pal!

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