Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine Challenge.

I'm feeling like getting back to day to day things and getting this blog back to normal too. I've had this post, linking up with Neely, scheduled for some time. Nothing like a little love to make you feel comforted when your not feeling like yourself. Here goes!

Valentine’s Day Challenge

I don't even know if my favorite date was even really a date.

Brian promised me he would come and watch me play a softball double header on a Sunday morning at 8am. We had only been seeing one another for a fews weeks and I was pretty unsure he would show up that early on a Sunday morning. Around the 4th inning he hadn't shown up or called so I pretty disappointed. By the end of the game he had finally texted me telling me he had been lost and was so embarrassed. He drove around for over an hour. He got there in just the nick of time for the second game.

He sat at the game and cheered for me the whole time. Truthfully I was never all that good. I remember feeling so important that a guy would go out of his way to make me feel important. I had never really had that before or felt that type of feeling. I had always been negative about love and used that as a defense mechanism so I wouldn't get hurt. No expectations never led to any disappointments. Brian was different. Just by showing up at that game he changed my mind on love and expectations. From that moment on love seemed easier. He made it very easy to fall in love with him.

The day was made so much better when he FINALLY kissed me.

Although my favorite date didn't have any glitz, glamour or any thing fancy story of dinner and dancing it did have everything to do with the way Brian made me feel. Almost 4 years later and lots of dates under our belt that day is probably still one of my favorites. 

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