Monday, March 5, 2012

Revlon Run/Walk for Women

 Within the last 2 weeks I found that 2 of my great friend's parents have been diagnosed with Cancer so when I saw this poem yesterday I thought it was perfect.

What cancer can NOT do
Cancer is so limited
It can not cripple love 
It can not shatter hope
It can not destroy peace
It can not kill friendship 
It can not suppress memories 
It can not silence courage 
It can not invade the soul 
It can not steal eternal live
It can not conquer the spirit. 

This is my friend Lori and her kick ass momma Mella.

Here is her story.

Although our name has changed- our fight is still the same! And this year- my hope is to make this our strongest and best fight yet. In the past, I was so happy to share with the world that MOM (“Mella”) beat this disease and is cancer free! That all changed on February 14, 2012. I got the phone call that I never wanted to get again. They found a cancerous mass by her appendix, and most recently they have found that it has spread back to where it started.
It breaks my heart to see have to go through this again. It breaks my heart to see her so sad. But she is a stronger woman than I will ever be! I know she can get through this again!

EIF Revlon Run/Walk For Women
On Saturday, May 5, 2012, my team, led by myself and co-captain Joe Polimeni are hitting the streets of NYC for the fourth year in a row to help fight women’s cancer! If you have walked with us before, you know how touching and inspiring this day is and how important it is for us with both our mom’s being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. On this day, we walk for our moms, our aunts, our friends. We walk to join in the fight to stop all women’s cancer! Almost everyone we know has felt the effect of women’s cancers. Now it’s time for women’s cancers to feel the effect of us- our determination, our strength and our optimism!

Our efforts last year were incredibly successful! Our team doubled in size and we almost $20 thousand dollars!
We could not have done that without your help and for that we are eternally grateful! I ask you once again to join our fabulous team Marching For Mammas or kindly make a donation to help us in our fight against this awful disease. Anything you can do is so greatly appreciated.

My friends, family and I thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Lori Simeone
Team Captain
Marching For Mammas

Please consider a donation to Lori's team, Marching for Mommas HERE. 


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