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Guest Post: Kristin @Kristin's kNook

Hi Pretty Rambles readers!
I'm Kristin and my blog is Kristin's kNook.  I'm an Army wife and my husband, Scott, and I are stationed in Alaska.  I talk about food, exercise, my job as a teacher, movies/t.v./books, and our Army/Alaska life in general.

Kristin’s kNook

Since Kristina is taking a "blog-cation" to get married, I figured I'd talk about my own wedding...
Sometimes I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that Scott and I have been married for THREE years already.  Dude, I feel like we just met!  Actually, we ended up as husband and wife less than nine months after we met.  Crazy, right?

We met in August 2008 and announced our engagement in February 2009.

We were planning a September 2009 wedding, but then, without much warning, we decided to get married early.

It's a very long "blah-blah-Army-blah-paperwork-blah" story.

(Kristina told me I could write a "post".  She did not give me permission to write a "novel".)

We got married on a rainy Tuesday morning in May.  My parents, the pastor, the pastor's wife, and my cousin/MOH were the only ones in attendance.  To say it was a hurried affair is quite the understatement.  Scott had to be at the airport (3 hours away) to catch a 1:30pm flight back to Officer Basic Course training in Missouri.  We rushed to the local courthouse to be there when they opened at 8am.  We got our license.  We got a waiver because we needed to get married THAT day (in Pennsylvania, there's a 3 day wait period).  We rushed to the church.  The pastor met us there and married us.  Just like that.  Like I said, crazyfast.

And then I drove Scott to the airport, in the rain, me pretty much in tears because I didn't want him to leave again.  It was only for a few weeks and then I was flying to Missouri to meet him, but that's not the point!  It was our "wedding day" for crying out loud.

Anyway, he ate at McDonald's at the airport, but I was too much of a bundle of nerves to eat.  I don't remember eating them but, according to the receipt, I ordered chicken selects and bottled water. 

Don't think for a second that I didn't save the receipt.  I keep it in one of our Bibles.

I stopped at the mall on my way home.  I bought a few summery things at American Eagle.  (You all did that on your wedding day too, right?)

The next day, I went back to my job long-term substituting in a kindergarten classroom.  Yes, I did, in fact, have to take an unpaid day off to get married.

My mom did take pictures at the ceremony and those pictures grace the frames at my parents' house.  However, there are no digital copies.  I'll leave you with a picture of our "real" wedding that followed on September 12th.  There was no pressure.  It was a great big party for all of our friends and family.
Rainy rehearsal dinner.  I had the cutest outfits picked out for this rehearsal dinner.  Then it got all cold and we had to layer up. 

I recommend that everyone get married early!  I stand by it as the best decision we ever made.

Oh, it rained that day too.  Go figure.
Congratulations on your marriage, Kristina!  May you have many happy years together, and have fun on that honeymoon!

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Kate @ Daffodils said...

We got married at the courthouse then followed up with a wedding too. I love that we have our own private day that was just for us too. Although we got a romantic dinner afterwards, no mcD's. hehe great story!

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