Friday, April 27, 2012

Guest Post- Monica of Life As I Know It

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Just checking in! I've had the pleasure of relaxing the past couple of days while getting some last minute stuff done. Hope you are enjoying some of my guest bloggers this week.  How great were Ali and Monica?? Today we have another Monica! Monica posts over at  Life As I Know It  Over at Life As I Know It Monica blogs about her husband 2 beautiful children, Friends and Faith. Be sure to stop by and visit. Thanks Monica for posting while I'm getting ready for my rehearsal dinner today. 

Hi guys I'm participating as a guest post for Kristina! I'm super excited to chat a little bit about Marriage. 

Where do I start? 

Well we've been married for 19 years this August and boy has it been a ride! I found out early into our marriage that my husband had a problem with anxieties which he was trying to self medicate with prescription drugs and alcohol which became a huge problem as you can imagine! Without going into details there were days I didn't think our marriage would survive! With the help of God and the love we share for one another we have come so far from those early years! There is no perfect marriage! Everyone will have their share of trials in their relationship but take it from me as long as you have love, faith, Honesty and communication there is nothing or no one that can come between two people who truly love each other! To this day when things feel like they are too hard to handle I always go back to those 5 words we said to each other on our wedding day! " For Better or For Worse" and here we are 19 years later still together and blessed with two beautiful kids and still growing old with one another! I love my husband so much and know that no matter what life may throw our way as long as we're together we can get through just about anything! 

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Awww great post Monica! Good luck with your rehearsal dinner tonight Kristina!

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