Thursday, April 26, 2012

Guest Post- Monica Amazing Times are Coming

Hey everyone! I am Monica from over at Amazing Times are Coming! I was so excited when Kristina posted that she needed guest posters while she will be getting married and honeymooning it up! This is my first guest post so have mercy on me Please!!!

Yep, that's me! 

Oh I didn't mention I live in Chicago?! Well I do! Feel free to come visit and party with me! 

I think we can start with some things you should know about me and then since I am sooo very excited for Kristina I will share some of my wedding & honeymoon dreams via Pinterest...because who doesn't love some fun pics from the site that I spend hours of my life on?

Random tidbits:

-I dance! All the time and anywhere

-Music saves my soul-without I'd be lost

-You + warm chocolate chip cookies = besties for life!

-I quote Wedding Crashers & Snatch at completely random inappropriate appropriate times

-I laugh way more than is probably normal

Now that I've enlightened you we can check out my Wedding Dreams. If the boy is reading this(probably not) he should take some notes!

We'll start with a this...

Source: via Monica on Pinterest

Then a little bit of this...

And that....

Oops! How did that get in there?!?!

And to top it off....

Ooh yes folks I dream big!! Feel free to stop by or check my blog or me out on Twitter!  I hope you all enjoyed my dreams! Thanks again to Kristina for letting me guest post!


Molly said...

I love that dress!

Miranda said...

love Monica!

Asha said...

I laugh at just about anything and everything too! And the rings you chose look exactly like mine except I also have diamonds on my engagement ring band. And girl, I love that you dream BIG!

p.s. - If you ever want to be my guest I would love to have you as well :)

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