Thursday, April 19, 2012

Its Ok...

My creative juices are not flowing this week! I think all the weight I lost over the weekend came from my brain. Not the best way to leave my bloggy friends before taking a blog-cation next week. I'll try to get you something creative and fun today and tomorrow.

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Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

- To have eaten my first meal in 5 days. Yep I got some protein into my system.

- To have lost 7 pounds! Not the way I lost it but still 7 pounds when getting married in 10 days is ok.

- To finally finish (kinda) our wedding playlist. I picked my favorites and a  don't play list.

- To think New Year's Eve is never going to be the same with out Dick Clark and to think Ryan Seacrest is no where near as great as Dick Clark was. Rest peacefully Mr. Clark.

- To really want to go shopping for items not related to the wedding.

- To have mixed emotions about my wedding. I am so happy it is finally here. I can't wait to become Brian's wife BUT I've been planning for 18 months. I have a feeling I may be depressed after it all ends. Have any other brides ever feel this way?

- To have not had coffee in 6 days. I really want it!

Happy Thursday friends!
What are you OK with with week?


Alli from Life on LeRoy said...

I for sure had some sadness when it was all over because I LOVE PLANNING but you'll find other things to keep your mind busy!! If I don't get a chance to tell you before your big day; CONGRATULATIONS and enjoy every moment!! Can't wait to see pictures!! :))))

Kristin said...

I had all of 6 songs on my "do not play" list. The d.j. managed to play every single one of them. I was flat-out pissed. My husband was too nice to let me yell at him though.
Good luck during the final countdown!

Zara said...

Congrats on the wedding! It's so exciting. Don't worry about the after. You will have so many other things to do. Even after living together for years and being attached at the hip, marriage brings on a whole new set of things to find out and learn about each other. :-)

Monica said...

Yay for losing 7 pounds before the wedding even though it was not a good way to lose it! I always wondered if people made dont play lists for weddings and what kind of songs go on those lists?

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