Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's OK....

Its Ok Thursdays

You know the drill...
Here we go:
It's OK
- To be a little down in the dumps because wedding planning is over and our big day has come and gone.

- To feel completely guilty about above statement.

- To feel very inpatient about waiting on professional pictures to be posted.

- To be  a bit ticked that some of our wedding guests came to our wedding and did NOT give a gift or even a card and a few other wedding issues I would REALLY love to know WHY??? but I digress.

- To feel a bit s

- To yearn for time away. A week off to wedding prep was not very relaxing. I just want the beach...June please hurry up!

- To be confused about which cruise to take in June, Norweigian or Celebrity. Any suggestions are welcomed Reviews are just about the same but Celebrity is a bit more expensive.

- To have stopped reading Fifty Shades of Grey because Fifty Shades Darker is sold out everywhere and I don't want it to end.

- To have a slight addition to my new smart phone. I feel like a big girl now!!!

- To be super excited for iced coffee season.

- To have slacked on the diet since the wedding. Although I promise to get back on the ball soon.

- To be a blog day late wishing my grandma a happy birthday...



Kristin said...

I love everything you have to say in this post. You could do what we did and move 4,100 miles away the week after your wedding. As soon as we opened the gifts, we had to pack them in the U-Haul!
I just bought 50 Shades at Target. They had all 3, but I want to make sure I'll like the first one.
Have a great weekend, Kristina!

Blubtrflygrl said...

We did a Norwegian cruise out of NY Harbor to Bermuda. Great time!

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