Friday, May 11, 2012

Meet Cinco

Such an awesome story of a rescue. My brother is a police officer in one of NYC's most difficult precincts. He sees things on a daily basis that would break anyone's heart. While working the overnight on May 5th him and his partner rolled upon a group of children, YES CHILDREN, beaten a dog who was tied to a park fence. Children, out past midnight beating a dog. What the f*ck is wrong with people!?!?!? He said she wasn't even snapping at them. She just let them beat her. Heartbreaking, right?

But this story has a happy ending. My totally awesome little brother rescued this darling dog and now she is a part of our family. We spent Saturday buying her pink goodies (I know my big police officer brother will just love that) and visiting. She is awesome. She looks as if she was taken care of at some point but who could love a dog and then tie them to a tree with a extension cord? She knows commands, sleeps in her bed. She had gotten very attached to everyone she met. All of her vet checks were great. Pit bulls get such a bad reputation sometimes. All I know is we are all in love. We really hope her and Bogart become besties!

Meet Cinco Jordan!

How PRECIOUS is this photo?


Molly said...

That story makes me sick. I'm so glad that she's found a good home and family. Yay for rescue dogs!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is so wonderful the she got rescued! I LOVE dogs!

Alyssa said...

Such a sweet dog!!!! I love stories like this.. it makes me want to save all the puppies.. I'm glad she found a home :) anddd LOVE the name haha so cute!

Monica said...

OMG poor doggie. What an adorable name, and yes Pits do get a bad rep but they are so mistaken.

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