Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Happiness! {Guest Post}

Hey There!

I'm Victoria {mom to Bean, fiance to Muffin}. I blog over at One.Crafty.Momma. (I'd love if you'd stop by and visit)

I'm taking over Kristina's blog today to tell you a little bit about what makes me happy, and help Kristina with her Healing Through Happiness! 

I'm in the middle of planning our wedding - which is about the most stressful thing ever - and raising a pre-schooler at the same time. Bean has had his bike for over a year. He just wasn't "getting it" and I got super frustrated! So, we put the bike up for a while and the other day when he asked to try, I got it out of the garage with a little hesitation. 

He put his helmet on. 

Got on his bike.

And....started riding it. 

I was SHOCKED!! I couldn't believe it. I grabbed the camera and started taking pictures in between sobs. 

My baby... is growing up. And while I was sad, I am so proud of how big he is getting. He's so smart, and funny, and talented.

So there's my Happy. What's yours?!

Thanks Kristina for letting me come over and share my happy! 
I hope you're having a blaaaaaaast on your honeymoon!

<3 Victoria 

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