Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's OK

It's OK

-To want to redecorate our home a bit. We have lived here 3 years. I think its time for some up grades and some pops of color. Sorta like this:

Source: via Kristina on Pinterest

- To not give a flippity, flying, f*ck about Tom and Katie. Sweet jesus its just a divorce can we all move on?!?!

- To be SO EXCITED change my name tomorrow. Make it OFFICIAL!

- To also be excited to spend tomorrow with my best friend. I just love that her and I now live 10 minutes away from us.

- To be the best aunt I can but can't wait to have another little guy to make his arrival in September.

- To still feel sad or cry some days.

- To have gained a little weight (although I'm trying) Damn hormones.

- To be excited for the Fifty Shades movie however, I can't get through book 3. Boring...

- To change my nail polish color obsessively through out the summer.

- To have a girls night with one of my best gals tonight! Wine all around.

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Kim Luke said...

I couldn't agree more about the Tom and Katie thing! It's over, move on people!!!!!!!!

Jealous of your wine night tonight! Cheers!

Cassie said...

new here from my bffs (kim luke, the girl above me's) blog. love this!!

Monica said...

I hear you on the Katie and Tom DIVORCE!! Who gives a shit!!! As far as 50 shades I agree! I couldn't put book one and two down.I can't seem to pick up the third. I'm about half way through and it just seems to be the same stuff over and over agian! I'm not even sure i'm going to finish the third! Have fun with your BFF!!

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