Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's OK

It's OK

My usual Thursday post linking up with Neely and Amber...

Its Ok Thursdays

-To have a new found obsession with lavender epsom salt. My feet have been KILLING me lately. Stupid sandal season has taken its toll on my feet and it seems to be the only relief BUT it smells so good I have been using it non stop.

- To very slowly but surely go through my wedding photos. I'm making some progress.

- To find something to do the last week on September. Our North Carolina vacation is off and I really want to find a few great things to do while Brian is stuck at work.

- To act like a total brat when Mr. Finance, aka my husband, doesn't want to put new windows and granite countertops. So now I have to chose. BOO! Practicality over decor. BOOx2

- To just love tacky television. I love mindless television.

- To love back to school time. Although my program run 12 months (the kids attend school all year for structure and support) I still get wrapped up in buying new school supplies!

- To be excited for fall. It has been a very difficult summer for our family and although I adore the summer weather I am glad to move past it.

- To anticipate the new season of American Horror Story. It better be as good as last year.

Have a fantastic Thursday.

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