Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

1. What is the first website you log on to each day?  Usually Blogger, Twitter and Facebook.  It was Google today. My poor feet are feeling the affects of wearing sandals for months. They hurt so much I googled some home remedies to make them feel a bit better. 

2. Give us some funny websites you visit that we need to know about.  My guilty pleasure is PerpetualKid Really funny site for entertaining your inner child. 

3. Pinterest or Facebook? Why?  I enjoy both. Pinterest goes for my inner creativity and Facebook for my inner drama queen. I am a bit over Facebook. People are either bitching about their lives, boosting about how perfect everything is. 

4. Twitter or Instagram? Why?  I'm a lover of both. Most of the time I feel closer with my Twitter friends than I do with some of my "real life" friends. 

5. Favorite YouTube video. I have 2 favorites. One involves some one getting hurt. I know, I'm an asshole! Don't judge! I bet you laugh too. 

6. Biggest online pet peeve? I think the spam weight loss pins thats have been popping up all over Pinterest lately. 

By the way; have you entered our swap yet?!?!
Only 6 more days left till sign ups end. 

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Ashley McCardia said...

New follower via Sunday Social! about your little foots! go to just saw yesterday that they have a really neat new massager for muscles...feet..etc. plus BF helps EVERY soreness ever.

love your blog!


Kristin said...

I also feel closer to my Twitter/blog friends because they're they ones who know what's really going on in my life. The real people I have as friends on Facebook have no idea, let alone the people I see everyday.

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

OMG, those are officially the best videos EVER! I was laughing before the poor girl even fell. That is HILARIOUS!

Monica said...

Haha the guy in the second video, can't think of his name right now but i am a huge fan he is hilarious!

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