Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's OK

Its Ok Thursdays

- To be a whiny baby when I'm sick.

- To whine about this darn flu shot! Ouch, these things hurt!!!

- To not watch the debate last night. I've educated myself and will continue to do so with out listening to 2 people attacking one another. Just a whole lotta noise to me.

- To skip Zumba class twice this week. I have a double ear infection. I guess its ok, right?

- To unfollow a few bloggers and twitter users after their hate based tweets last night. I can't believe how cruel and mean people get when it comes to politics.

- To want to hibernate when the weather gets cold and rainy.

- That I get pissed when bloggers link up  but don't actually "link up"

- To have spent a little to much money on my stay-cation last week. I love shopping by myself.

-To be very frustrated with work and on the verge of not wanting to go in today.

- To crave unhealthy food when I'm sick. I wanted a burger, chocolate and beer last night. I settled for soup and unsweetened iced tea.

- To be so very excited for post season baseball. Way to go Yankees, 2012 AL East Champs!

- To just about cry when the pharmacist asked me 3 times if I were pregnant and than once again for good measure before giving myself my prescriptions.

- To shamelessly promote myself and my giveaway. Just a few more days to enter. GO!

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princessmama said...

I unfollowed a few too. I do not want to listen to all the hate based posts. I am educated. I can make my own decision. My opinion has never been changed by someone shouting their views at me. So, how are we going to do this Weight Watcher support thing. I really need it bad :)

BTW, I am a new follower ;)

Jen said...

I guess it's a good thing I wasn't on twitter last night! And I crave unhealthy food ever minute of every single day. Ok maybe I'm exaggerating..just a little.

Lindsey said...

When I'm sick, all motivation to workout and eat healthy (ironically) goes out the window. Totally don't blame you for skipping Zumba.


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