Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Fall,
You are beautiful!
Dear Ed Sheeren,
Thank you for writing amazing music. You soothe me and break my heart all at the same time.
Dear Ears,
Please stop hurting. I know you've got a nasty little infection but let those $80 ear drops do their magic.
Dear Rain,
Its been a pleasure having you around for the week but I'm grateful you are gone for this fantastic weekend.
Dear Amoxicillin,
Not cool! You make my tummy ache.
Dear NY Yankees,
Way to go! Thanks for giving me October baseball!
Dear Work Week,
You were tough on me these past few days. Please take it easy on me the next 7 hours. I can't deal with much more.
Dear Husband,
Thank you for cleaning our entire house on your day off. The place is sparkling!
Dear Nephews,
Thanks for making me feel like the most important girl in the world.
Dear Readers,
Your comments always make me so happy. I'm so grateful you read this little blog.
Happy Weekend All!
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Molly said...

Dear Kristina, I hope you feel better soon so that you can enjoy a lovely fall weekend! ;)

Lauren said...

That lake is gorgeous! I can't wait until it starts looking like that, not that I'll have the beautiful lake to look at! Ha!

Hope you start feeling better! :)


The Vintage Modern Wife said...

love all these (especially hearing that your hubby cleaned the whole house!)

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