Monday, October 1, 2012

Life Lately

Well Happy October! October is my favorite month of the year. The leaves are already changing here and its so beautiful. I love waking up and enjoying a cup of coffee on my deck during these chilly Fall mornings. If you stopped by the blog last week I participated in a Fall Fashion week and skipped out on my usual blog posts. It was super fun taking pictures of my daily outfits and meeting some new friends.
Here are some of the things going on in our little corner of the world.
I just love Farmer's Markets. I found a new one located close to our home. Last week we bought beautiful fall mums and the freshest kale.

Aren't these beautiful?

How can you tell its fall in my house? Silly Halloween socks are a must!
My wallet hates me but I realized 2 of my favorite stores have opened outlets not to far from my parents. I'm in love!

- Vacation is over. BOO! I didn't do much but not being at work is everything! We took a day trip to 2 little shopping towns. Hubs and I also celebrated 2 special days last week. We celebrated the anniversaries of when we got engaged 9-26-10 and when we bought our home 9-29-2009. I love celebrating important days in our lives.

- Ear infections. I have been miserable for 3 days. This is no fun. I'm so congested. Everything sounds like I'm under water these days.

- We got some new furniture. FINALLY!!! We have a hard time making decisions in t
his house. It only took 3 years to find one and take it home. Now we have to redo the kitchen and get a headboard for the master.

- The most significant thing going on in my life is my weight loss journey. Weight Watchers is going pretty well. I weigh in again tonight. Its been 2 weeks and I'm down 6 pounds. I am hoping there is another loss when I weigh in tonight. I feel great about myself. Feeling a little room in my jeans in all the right area. It feels good to look in the mirror and see things I like again.
This is my 4 point salad. As you can tell it is HUGE
Romaine lettuce 0 point value
Oscar Mayer Turkety- 6 slices, 1 point value
Strawberries- 0 point value
Feta Cheese- 1 Tbsp, 1 point value
Balsamic Dressing, light- 0 point value
Artichoke Hearts- 1 point value
Toasted Crackers- 3 crackers (instead of croutons) 1 point value
What is going on in your life lately?
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Mrs. Kee said...

I'm wearing my Halloween socks too!!!! And, way to go on your weight loss journey! We can and we will succeed!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

I love mums--yours look fantastic! I think they make any entryway just so inviting. Of course you need to wear silly Halloween socks--it's a must!! I believe a home should be pieced together by love and not just thrown together to get it finished. It means so much more that way! Great finds. Have a great week!!

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