Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Loving

Hello October. October is by far my most favorite month. I can't believe its October already. I feel like summer wasn't that long ago. I'll be married 6 months at the end of this month. Crazy! Where does the time go? October is shaping up to being an exciting and very busy time. Here are just a few things I'm loving about October.

1.) I can't wait to get our pumpkin picking on!!! I really want to go to the Great Jack O' Lantern Blaze this year. My husband is being such a wet blanket about it. He thinks its a huge tourist trap (it is) but it looks like so much fun! I'm so over the haunted houses. I just want to stroll the Croton, NY riverside and see thousands of carved pumpkins. If you haven't heard of the blaze it included 5,000 lit, carved pumpkins. It is sold out every year. Doesn't this look fun???

Source: via Kristina on Pinterest

Source: via Kristina on Pinterest

2.) I'm looking forward to sharing the weddings of  2 great friends. It just so happens they are both getting married October 13th and they are getting married 3 hours away from one another. It was very difficult making that decision but I went with the friend I knew longer and who has been planning her wedding for 3 years. B and I will be spending the weekend in this little town in PA.

Source: via Kristina on Pinterest

3.) Speaking of celebrating, I like to celebrate October as the month Brian and I met. Although our real wedding anniversary is April 29th I will always celebrate October 28th. Its the night when Brian asked if we could become "Myspace Official", hehe, it was 2008! Nothing was official unless Myspace said so. He also told me that night he could see himself with me forever. October  will always remind me of the days I got excited to see his phone number and nervous when I would see him.
Our first Halloween, Truth be told this is at the bar after we "watched" a movie at the drive in.
The movie was terrible so we made out instead.
Just looking at this one reminds me how happy he made me back then and still today!

4.) In addition to all the fun things and tourist type activities I'm really just looking forward to the simple things; the chill in the air, sweaters, costumes, scary movies,  fall foliage, and most of all listening to the wind rising and rustling the leaves left on the trees.

What do you love most about October?


Amanda* said...

I love love love pumpkins! And anything pumpkin flavored :)

Julie Merryman said...

I go to the blaze every year! It is a bit of a tourist trap, but it is definitely my favorite halloween activity!

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