Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Blog Buddies,
I guess this is my apology to you all. Stop reading if your not into a bunch of letters about the pity party I'm throwing for myself. You are amazing and I cherish you for always supporting and accepting me.

Dear Heart,
Stop getting involved in everything!!!! Stop feeling so much. Just pump blood. Thats all you need to do! Let the brain run this ship.

Dear Hockey,
Thanks for coming back. Can't wait to watch my Rangers kick some butt!

Dear Jeep,
Thanks for staying perfect for all of 5 days before your windshield decided to crack. Thanks for giving me 5 days of nice. To bad it couldn't have been longer.

Dear Best Friend,
You are the greatest. You are the only one who knows how I feel as much as I do. You are so much more than a best friend. You are my sister. I'm so very lucky to have you.

Dear Universe,
Why is it whenever anything is my life goes right in my life 3 things have to go wrong?

Dear Pinterest,
Thanks for things like this:


Brooke said...

HA! That ecard made me laugh out loud.

Jenn said...

It cracked???? Uhhh that totally sucks! It's gotta be under warranty right?
I'm sorry things are going crummy for you. They WILL get better! *hugs*

Jennifer said...

YAY! A Rangers fan! I don't watch but I like them.

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