Thursday, January 10, 2013

Its OK

Its OK

Its Ok Thursdays

-To tell people how you really feel. Even if they may not like what you have to say.

- To want 40 degree days or warmer in the winter.

- That I ate pretzels for dinner last night. To crave a vacation, so where warm and beachy!

- To avoid everyone. This flu outbreak is freaking me out. I have cleaned my desk, keyboard, hands over and over during the day.

- That my husband and I play a game of "How empty can we get the fridge"On Wednesday we had carrots, Siracha sauce, and one English Muffin left.

- That half our Christmas tree is still up. The other is laying on the floor in our living room.

- To really, really, really LOVE driving around in the new Jeep.

- To get sad when I have to take down decorations.

- To be a bad blogger lately

Happy Thursday!
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Monica said...

I was so sad when I had to take down my decorations!

Jen said...

I feel the same way about getting sick! Everyone I know is sick, it's scary.

Amanda Powers said...

I totally agree with your first statement. I would much rather have my feelings hurt than be lied to, and sometimes finding the friends who will speak their mind are hard to find.

Amanda @3lilapples a new follow courtesy of A Complete Waste of Makeup

Angel said...

I am with you on the first one, I think it is ALWAYS better to be honest then lie to someone. I want to go somewhere beachy too!! And okay you have Siracha in your fridge?? I LOVE that stuff!

Monica said...

I miss my Jeep soooo much! Hope your having a great day!

lilliesandsilk said...


I found your blog through "It's Ok" blog hop and I love your statements. Also, I'm your newest follower:) Enjoy your week!

Lillies & Silk

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