Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thoughts on Shop My Closet...

Hello, my name is Kristina and I'm a shopoholic.

I have no room in my closets. Yes, closets as in plural. I have taken over the walk in closet, spare room closet, and two dressers! It truely is a ridiculous obsession. I need some help getting rid of the items!

I've been playing with the idea of starting a paypal account and selling some of my clothes through this site. I have been a huge fan of consignment shops in the past but I feel like the shop has recently been screwing me over. A top recently sold for $14.95 at the shop and I was credited $1.97. The split was always 60% them and 40% me. Not bad, right? When I questioned them they stated that was the correct split. Now I am terrible at math but in no language does that work out to 60%, 40%. A friend of mine shared that she had a similiar problem. Honestly it isn't worth the hassle or aggravation for me. I donate a lot of stuff but the stuff in really great condition I would really love to sell.

I shop, A LOT. Probably a little more than I should. I have clothes, jewelry and plenty of accessories. Sizes range from Medium, Large, 12-14. I'm rather busty so there are a few XL blouses and blazers. I take very good care of my items so I can assure you they are in good shape. Most have only been worn a handful of times. Items included in the sale are from some of my favorite stores. These include Old Navy, NY and Co., Ann Taylor, F21, H&M, Charlotte Rousse and Target.

I would like to know if any of my readers would be interested in any items? I've never done this before so helpful hints would be appreciated. I'm not sure of shipping or how figure shipping costs into the items. I through out the idea on Twitter today but haven't received any responses as of yet. Boohoo! Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Lies I tell myself!!!


Jen said...

I think this is a really cool idea, now if I needed anymore clothes I would buy some. closet is rather full haha.

Heather said...

I would be interested in stuff! I just cleaned out my closets (massive weight loss) and haven't replaced anything yet!

Blubtrflygrl said...

Definitely a great idea. Maybe you can post your goods on your blog.

Holly said...

I've been thinking of doing the same thing! My closet is overflowing. I'd love to hear more on this if you decide to do it.

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