Tuesday, February 26, 2013

5 Things

Found this on Jen's Blog. Thought it was fun to play along.  

Of course you have to add a silly picture of yourself. 
3 words- Green Apple Martinis

5 things ...

... you will find in my purse
1. Pocket Bac
2. Lipgloss, probably 5 of them
3. Pens, I'm a pen hoarder
4. Lotion, Currently Bath and Body Works Country Chic
5. Zumba membership card. If its not in my bag I will lose it. 

... you will find in my bedroom
1. Tons of extra pillows
2. Glass of water
3. Extra blankets
4. Pictures of us from our wedding
5. Flat screen. I love falling asleep to the tv. 

... I've always wanted to 
1. Be smaller than a size 10
2. Be able to run and actually enjoy it.
3. Go on fancy vacations
4. Adopt a few dogs! 
5. Become a Mom 

... I'm currently loving
1. Ny new K notebook
2. The Express jeans I just bought for $16 at Marshalls
3. Dior mascara! My eyelashes look so long.
4. L'Oreal's new Spring colors. I purchased Macaroon Me Madly
5. Home Goods. I love this place!

... quirks I have
1. I bit my lip. Its a nervous thing
2. I have not tolerance for noise
3. I get over stimulated easily and it makes it hard for me to pay attention. 
4. low self-esteem - I'm really down on myself
5. I'm my own worst enemy! 


Angel said...

I love Marshall's! And lots of pillows are a good thing!

Jen said...

I agree about the running haha...I want to enjoy it but just can't. :)

Deidre said...

This is super fun! I have a very low tolerance to noise myself.

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