Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Week. New Start

I took a slight break last week from blogging. I tried to take a break from a lot of the overwhelming stress that had begun to rule my life the last month. Everything seemed to effect me in a terribly negative way. I was having panic attacks, breaking out in hives and crying regularly. Last week I worked on a lot on myself and I will continue to do so. I'm not cured or fixed but I'm trying and I'm feeling in a slightly better place than last week at this time. Last week didn't come easy though. As I worked on myself I got word that my grandmother had a heart attack. Thankfully she just got home from the hospital and doing well. It was a test for me to hold it all together. It made sound slightly selfish of me but I really put myself first this week. I stopped worrying about everyone else and everything I had no control over. The month of January had just run me down. I worried about everything. I couldn't sleep at night and couldn't stay up at work. I was physically and mentally exhausted. For a month I hadn't wanted to do anything for myself. I hadn't stuck to my Weight Watchers diet or even want to go to Zumba and have fun. I was to exhausted and tired to do anything.

I can not thank you all enough for such positive words and wishes after my post last week! I even spoiled myself this weekend. I took a Zumba class which I haven't had been interested in doing for the past week. I used a gift card from Christmas and treated myself to some new clothes at Old Navy, a bunch of goodies from Sephora and a gel manicure. I spent the day by myself. No interferences, just quiet time with myself. (In a crazy, busy mall!) It's nice to be alone with your thoughts even if there are hundreds of people surrounding you. I had nothing planned or scheduled. I took my time. I did some window shopping. Got a good cup of coffee. I even did some window shopping at Crumbs but I had some self control and didn't one. It's only because I indulged in a bagel on the way there.

While I was away from blogging for a week it was nice to be me. Here are a few snippets from last week.

New nails, lots of time with Bogart, cupcake dates with friends, snow LOTS of it, lots of curls, new paint color for our bedrooms (I think I'm going with the long one on the left), Baby shower


Molly said...

So glad to hear that you took some time for yourself last week. (But I'm also glad you're back!) Panic attacks/stress-related anything are the worst; do whatever you can to help yourself feel better.

Also, loving the pictures of Bogart as always!

Jen said...

So glad that you are back! :) Glad you are doing well, that red velvet cupcake looks amazing by the way haha. :)

Nichole said...

Glad to see you back, chickie! I LOL'd at Bogart peeking between the card, soo cute.

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