Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Birthday

The day we picked up Bogart. His very first picture

It's hard to believe this little 4 pound puppy is 10 years old today. My Bogart has been a staple in my life for almost as long as my bestest friends. I got him the day before my college graduation. Can't you tell? I had not wrinkles in my forehead. Bogart has been with me through so many good times and bad times. He has cuddled me when I'm sick or sad and made me laugh like nothing else could. It makes me sad when I see him acting like a "senior"dog, as the vet calls him. I hate that term. He still hikes like a champion and plays like a puppy. He has brought me so much happiness and unconditional love. He's my baby boy. He will always be!

Last weekend we took a trip to the local Dog Shop, Scarlett's Way. The owner is a sweetheart. We talked for almost an hour and she was in love with how silly Bogart was.He ended up getting just about everything in the store; special "I Love You" cookies, a new sweater, eco friendly stuffed bone, hallowed bone for peanut butter, hiking canteen and travel water dish. Yep, he is spoiled!

Happy 10th Birthday, Bogart, Bog, Wubbie, Woogles, Woolies!


Jen said...

Oh so sweet! Happy 10th Birthday, Bogart!!! :)

Libby Soto said...

Awww...He's soo adorable!
Makes me want to get a puppy too!

Alyssa said...

happy birthday to your sweet pup!!!!

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