Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm a Klutz

I have never been graceful. I'm what you would call a klutz. Yesterday was no exception. At work one of our kids was having a difficult day and went to run out of the building. I ran after and in seconds found myself on the floor. I took one step, knee gave out and I was down. My legs were really sore from boot camp earlier yesterday and I think my legs just gave out under me.  I went right down on my left knee. In the process I slid cutting my ankle open. It was like slow motion but I didn't get my hands down or try to catch myself. It's so much easier and a lot less painful as a kid when you fall. My body aches today! The sore and stiffness is most likely from the fall and the boot camp class from yesterday morning. 

Story of my life! 

This morning I'm icing my big, bruised knee and ankle. I've got 2 more days left of boot camp for the month. I've done really well and am really hoping for some results at our last class on Friday. I lost a bunch of inches last month and I'm hoping for more this month. I scales have gone no where so I really need the measurements to decrease so I don't feel discouraged. 


Jen said...

Oh no! Don't worry I'm a klutz too! lol. I hope your knee and ankle feel better.

jackie jade said...

ugh so frustrating! hope you heal up, never fun to hurt yourself.
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