Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We Are Juicing!

Recently I found this awesome Facebook page where residents of my county buy and sell their unneeded items. I love this idea! I hate throwing things away. Originally I was only going to sell, and sell I did. I sold, all of my costume jewelry I was over wearing, 2 over the top dresses, softball cleats and wall hangs. Last week I did see a Jack Lalane juicer on sale for $50. I read the reviews, original price being $100 I jumped on it. I offered $40 and we are now the proud owners of a juicer. The elderly woman who purchased the juicer hated it. She told me she preferred milk shakes.

This juicer is pretty rocking. I know it isn't the $500 Vita-mix everyone seems to love but lets get real. I had no idea if I would like this thing or like the way the juice even tasted so $40 was enough for me. The juice tastes fresh and I really enjoy it. The negatives are the cleanup. This is by no means an easy or quick clean up. There are 5 separate parts of the juicer that need cleaning afterwards. It also takes a lot of fruit to make the juice. It is a pricey adventure.

Here are my 2 favorite juices.

Each of these made 2 glasses of juice

First Attempt- I have no cute names for them

1 cucumber
1 apple
1 orange
1 handful of blueberries

Second Attempt

2 carrots
2 celery stalks
1 orange
1 mango
2 strawberries
(The strawberries were on their way out so I threw them in)
I also added a little coconut water

I really loved both of these. I add a lot of ice because I really like ice cold juice.We also started saving the pulp left over and freezing it for smoothies. No use in wasting it.

BTW, what is up with Pinterest (or me?) and the embed button. I've tried to days to embed things into blog posts and it is just NOT working. Grrrr!

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Jen said...

I had thought about juicing but just can't bring myself to do it haha. Good luck! :)

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