Monday, April 1, 2013


Holy cow! March is really over?!?! It just seems like it flew by. I think it is because most nights I was out cold by 8:30! I guess boot camp will do that to you. I'm a sucker for pain or a glutton for punishment because I'm doing boot camp again this month. In case you missed it in Friday's post I felt pretty successful after the last class in March. I didn't lose any weight which was a bit of a bummer BUT I did lose 3.5 inches. I'm hoping for the same thing if not better this month. My first April class started this morning and I'm feeling great. Especially after eating all the goodies yesterday during Easter brunch.

We had such a beautiful Easter. We skipped the fancy Easter dinner and pretty clothes for a simple Easter brunch at my in-laws and a long family hike. It was perfect. Food was delicious. We indulged on some quiche (I made it), ham, chicken, mac and cheese, vegetables, pulled pork, cole slaw and a ton of other goodies. We got to enjoy a beautiful day out in nature with our family and all our dogs. For me it was the best kind of way to celebrate family and the beginning of Spring. 

Bogart interacting for the first time with our nephew Ryan. 
Seconds after this he pulled a clump of hair out of poor Bogart's ear. 
Poor doggie.

Chubby baby cheeks! 

Paul and Bogart are best buddies. 
Paul wanted to hold my hand to protect his "Aunt Asqueena"from wild animals on our hike.
He protected me from all the bears, tigers and kangaroos out there.
I love the imagination of 3 year olds. 

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter as much as we did. 

Happy April Fools day! 

Happy Baseball Opening Day. 



Meg said...

That hike sounds like a lot of fun! I'm glad you had a nice Easter! And I second you - go Yankees!

Jen said...

Love the pictures, so glad you had a great Easter!

Nichole said...

Looks like a great Easter! I can't believe its April, either.

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