Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wedding Wednesday- Honoring Those Who Where There In Spirit

There is a part of me that was very sad on the morning of our wedding. Knowing that some ot the people I loved most and loved me could not be with us. Although I know they were looking down on us and celebrating along with us it was hard knowing they wouldn't be with us physically.

I wanted to honor the ones I wished could have been there. I carried both of my grandparent's wedding pictures in a charm on my bouquet.

To honor my grandparents and my aunt we included this beautiful poem in our program. 

While I'm on the topic of WEDDINGS; our anniversary is very FAST approaching. I'm drawing a blank on what we should do. We both took 2 days off so I'm toying around with an overnight trip somewhere instead of giving gifts. I'm also toying around with the idea of skipping the gifts or trips and doing a household project. Lame?!?! 

I need some ideas. HELP! 



Meg said...

What a beautiful gesture! All of my grandparents have passed away so, I know, when I get married someday, I will honor them in the same way.

Tricia said...

What a nice idea. It's always bittersweet when those you love can't be with you but I'm so glad you found a way to remember and honor them on your special day.
Found you via Wednesday Walkabout!

Jen said...

How beautiful! Such a wonderful gesture to keep those who couldn't be there so close. :)

Reb @ Sink or Swim said...

That is really sweet way to honor your grandparents!

Stopping by from the Wednesday Walkabout!

Jill said...

Very Cute, I love the sentiment. Such a good way to remember and incorporate them into your ceremony.

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