Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Life Lately

Well, honestly my life lately hasn't been overly eventful. I wish it were so I had some sort of excuse for my lack of blog posts. I guess my blog rut is still in full affect. My lack of creativity is still lingering. While my creativity still sucks here are the things going on around here;

- For the last month I have been trying to spend a lot less. I haven't bought a Starbuck's coffee in over 3 weeks. I'm also trying to avoid shopping and over spending. I tend to overspend and it's about time I grow up and budgeted better. We've reduced our cable bill by $20 a month. I'm looking forward to seeing the difference in the next few months. 

- Getting back to the Starbucks thing. I have given up caffeine. Crazy, right?!?!? If you know me well that is barely believable. Not only have I given up coffee but diet soda too which means no more fake sugar either. The first week was awful! AWFUL!!! I had a headache for 7 days but after the first week I felt fine. I'm sticking to water! 

- We are getting stuff done around this house. I finally put my foot down and wrote a "Sh*t We Need To Do" List. I'm hoping sh*t gets done. This list hangs on our fridge so we both have to look at it each day. We have only crossed one thing off our list. Slowly things will get done. 

- We have also tried to do daily chores rather than waiting for the weekend to get everything done. I'm usually the cleaner around here so it's been nice getting a little help each night. I like coming home to a house that is neat and clean.

- My best friend is due to have her baby today. Although we don't think it's going to happen anytime soon. That baby is nice and comfy where he/she is. She has been home from work for the last month and we have been spending lots of time together before baby comes. Our husbands have been doing Insanity together so it gives us time together almost every night. 

- It's finally feeling like summer around here. We broke out the first fire of the season and with fire come S'mores! 

What has been going on in your life lately?


Meg said...

I know how you feel about coming home to a clean house. I'm so lucky to have a boyfriend who also enjoys that as much as I do (most of the time haha). Good work getting your cable bill down! We need to do the same. Cable is so stupidly expensive. Luckily this is the last season of Dexter, so after it's over we will be getting rid of our premium channel package to cut down a bit.

Jen said...

It's always nice to cut back on spending and bills. It's amazing what you can live without haha.

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