Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Halfway There Bumpdate

How Far Along:   20 weeks + a few days 

Baby is the size of:  Size of banana or a small cantalope (yikes). It's weird because when I compare the baby to food I have a hard time eating it that item. 

Total weight gain: I'm up 16 in total. It maybe a little more after some fried oreos at the festival this weekend. 

Sleep: Still annoying but it has been better this week. I have encased myself with pillows. I've brought up our couch pillows to lay on. I have put accent pillows from my bed in between my legs. With sleep being better I feel so much happier and healthy. 

Best Moment of the week: So many great moments recently.
* I was pretty happy I got to go see the baby for a second sonogram. The first time around the sonogram tech forgot to measure the baby's arm so she spent a little extra time focusing on some fun stuff. The 6 extra pictures weren't so bad.

* Apparently my OB has been over charging me the last 5 months so I have a rather large credit on my account.

*Brian, Bogart and I went out for a fantastic hike over the weekend. I was surprised and happy I was able to hike 6 miles. I felt strong and fantastic. I'm hoping to continue with hikes and walks like the one we did over the weekend. 

* Friday I went shopping with my mom at Macy's and found so man adorable gender neutral baby clothes. We bought the cutest coming home outfit for baby!

Worst Moment of the week: Another really great week besides the meltdown over dinner on Saturday night. Brian makes dinner almost every night and on the weekends I try to make a nice dinner for him. I was planning on making spicy shrimp tacos and realized I forgot a bunch of ingredients at the grocery store. I was so focused on making this big, delicous dinner I ended up crying over nothing. The food was good even missing some main items. Shortly after that I was knocked out cold on the couch. Clearly, I was exhausted too.

Have you told Family and Friends:  Yes. Parent's of the children I work with are already taking bets on what I'm having.

Miss Anything: I've been thinking how great a good glass of chardonnay would taste especially when we had lobster over the weekend.

* I miss having a bra fit correctly. Did I mention I broke a bra last week? Yep, good times.

* I miss getting up and throwing on any clothing item I'd like. Clothes seem to be so uncomfortable these days.

Food Cravings: Sweet treats! 
Anything make you queasy or sick: 
Nope. Still feeling great. 

Have you started to show? 
Yes. I'm feeling like I'm not as big as I should be though. People have been saying I'm so small. The doctor said I was a perfect size and the baby is the right size too. 

Gender: Team Neutral!!! 

Symptoms: I'm feeling really good this week. My hips have been bothering me but since I'm sleeping better I feel better all around!

The occasional walk and a nice 6 mile hike this weekend. 

: Can't believe I'm halfway there. Wish I was feeling the baby more. 

Looking Forward to:
 So much! I've started buying some baby items. Neutral, of course, but it's so amazing to look at these clothes and realizing our little baby will be wearing them very soon. 
Maternity Clothes: Still taking advantage of the non maternity clothes I have. I've noticed maternity shirts are really large on me so for now I'm sticking to maternity jeans and non maternity tops. 

Not much lately. 

Milestones: He's swallowing more these days, which is good practice for his digestive system. He's also producing meconium, a black, sticky by-product of digestion. This gooey substance will accumulate in his bowels, and you'll see it in his first soiled diaper.



Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Ahhh...sleep!!! I am in the same boat!! I can't get comfortable to save my life and when I do finally get there I wake up to major hip pain. Gah!!

Laura said...

I finally went out on Sunday and bought myself two new bras (nude and a black) to get me thru the rest of pregnancy...I couldn't stand wearing my old ones anymore. I didn't feel like my boobs had gotten that much bigger, but I guess they have. Loving the team green!! Wahoo!! and I totally feel ya on the crying over nothing thing - that's been the story of my life lately. You try so hard to stay on top of things and be organized and whatnot and then one little thing sets us over the edge. Sigh...good for you for hiking 6 miles!! I feel like I could use a good hike like that!

Nichole said...

Oh that is a good one; I bet I'd be weirded out by eating fruits/veggies the same size as my growing baby, lol. I can't believe you're already HALF way there! AHHH

Jen said...

You look AMAZING!!! Just glowing. :)

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