Friday, September 13, 2013

Road Trip Must Haves

We are so close to leaving for our little road trip vacation I can barely sit still. I love road trips because I honestly hate to fly and I like to make a vacation out of the trip whenever we can. Last time Brian and I went on a road trip we stopped in Baltimore at the Inner Harbor and took in Orioles games at Camden Yards. This time around we are just driving straight to the beach but hope to find some great stuff along the way. Since I'm a road trip girl here are some of the things that are a must have when we hit the road.

Road Trip Essentials

- A clean Jeep- It looks like I'm going to be hitting up the car wash to give my Jeep a little loving this week.

- A pillow- I usually take one but I have a feeling being 6 months preggo I may be needed a couple this time around.

- Sunglasses- Nothing makes for an uncomfortable ride like forgetting your glasses. To be honest I always have a spare in my car.

- Twizzlers, Sour Patch Kids, Pretzel M&Ms- You know all the good stuff that is bad for the teeth.

- Starbucks coffee followed by some seltzer and waters- I am a constant drinker. I love to have some form of fluids with me at all times. I'm hoping that doesn't backfire and we are stop 1 billion times on our 10 hour drive.

- Magazines- I love my husband but sometimes you just run out of things to talk about during a 10 hour car ride. I have trouble reading books b/c they often make me car sick but magazines, short stories help that significantly.

- Ipod with some good downloads- I'll need to update my ancient 2nd generation ipod before we go. It still works perfectly!

We are off in just a few short days. I'll catch back up with everyone when we get back. Have a fantastic week. Follow me on Instagram for some vaca adventures.


Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Nice list. I totally agree about the sunglasses. I had making the ugly squint face all day.

Have you guys ever tries listening to a book you are both interested in during a road trip. My husband and I have done it a few times, and it is usually fun.

Jen said...

Definitely Starbucks haha!

The Cavallaro's said...

I hated road tripping at 6 months pregnant... Hopefully you fare better than I did! Make sure to stop a lot (you will have to anyways with all the bathroom breaks!) And starbucks and candy are def. must haves!

Catalyn H said...

Ohhh traveling while pregnant has sucked for me! I didn't go to the beach with my husband and in-laws this weekend because I couldn't take another 6 hour car ride. I end up sore, miserable, and achy for days afterwards!

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