Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This Weekend I...

This weekend just seemed to fly by. I cant believe it's back to work already. This week is going to be a killer at work. We have 2 staff out and I have lots of stuff to do before our vacation/babymoon next week. I can not wait to head south and hit the beach in North Carolina. This girl can not wait.

Early Saturday was spent selling some goodies from an online gargae sale and with that cash I treated myself to some new maternity jeans from Old Navy. I'm in LOVE!!!

On Saturday night I got to celebrate my bestie at her bachelorette party. We had a blast. The non preggo gals started the day off at a winery and I met them later for dinner. We went to an awesome place on the Hudson River called Billy Joe's Rib Works. We ate out on the deck with the breeze from the water. It was a great night even if I was just sipping my seltzer!

As they were heading to the club next door for some dancing all I could think of was this scene from Knocked UP. Remember this line "I can't have old, pregnant bitches running around. It's just crazy"? I chuckle every time I think of it.

On Sunday I met up with a cousin and went to the Warwick Farmer's Market. We topped it off with lunch at our favorite cafe.

Sadly the weekend ended terrible for me. I was up till 4:30 Monday morning with some of the worst heartburn EVER. Oh lord, I was reduced to tears. I tried everything including tums and sleeping while sitting up straight. Even now I feel terrible. I think it's the heartburn and the complete lack of sleep.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!" target="_blank">
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Jen said...

Oh no I hope you are feeling better. Hugs!

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